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The Sumenep Palace

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A. Brief Information

Once there was a beautiful princess whose name was Ratu Ayu Tirto Negoro coming from China. She was the consort of a king ruling Madura Island at the time. As she was a yellow skin girl, differed from the local inhabitants that were brown, the King‘s palace was named Potre Koneng that literally means “A Yellow Princess.” The ruling king seemingly wanted to show his deep love to his consort. That is why, the Sumenep Palace is also well-know as the “Potre Koneng” Palace.

The Potre Koneng Palace was built upon the command of Penembahan Sumolo (Tumengung Arya Nata Kusuma), the King of Sumenep District in the 18th Century. Its architecture styles are the combination of European, Chinese, and Javanese styles together based on the creation of a Chinese architect named Liaw Piau Ngo.

B. Distinctive Features

The Potre Koneng Palace is a recommended destination for those who love observing ancient architecture. You will experience what so-called “Javanese Palace” nuance combined with European motifs on the pillars and ornaments. Chinese architectural style can be found on the palace‘s roof which is almost the same as a Chinese temple. Entirely, its architecture is almost the same as the other Javanese palaces of which there are pendopo (veranda), the king‘s residence, the consorts‘ pond, and meeting hall.

Before entering the palace room, you will be welcomed by an entrance gate called Labang Mesem that literally means “smiling door” representing the royal staff‘s cordial welcomes addressed to everyone visiting the palace. On the right side of the entrance gate, there is a royal working room called “Kantor Koneng,” that is now functioned as a royal museum keeping a number of royal properties within. Outside the royal complex, precisely in front of the palace, Jamae Mosque of Sumenep, which was built coinciding precisely to the year when the palace was built, is available for you, especially Muslims, who want to practice salat.

C. Location

The Sumenep Palace or Potre Koneng Palace stands elegantly in the heart of Sumenep District, Madura Island, East Java Province.

D. Access

Sumenep District, in the easternmost part of Madura Islands, is around 90 kilometres from Kamal Port located in the westernmost of the island. To reach Kamal Port of Bangkalan District from Surabaya City, it spends about 30 minutes by taking ferry ship with IDR 2.000 for its cost. And accessing Sumenep District from Kamal Port will spend approximately three hours.

In addition, Sumenep District can also be reached from Bali by passing throw Banyuwangi to Jangkar Port in Situbondo District, leading to Kalianget. Accessing the location via Jangkar Port from Bali will spend about four hours.

E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

There will be guides for you who want to gain much information about the palace. There are several small hotels for spending more days around the location. And souvenir peddlers can be easily found in every corner of the Alun-alun (town square) pf Sumenep District.

Lukman Solihin (wm/06/02-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/13/10-08)


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