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  • Angguk Dance

    Angguk Dance

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Ten beautiful girls and ten pengrawit (accompanists) at the age of less than 25 years old danced in synchronous movements. The dance performed was so synchronous and full of symbolical meanings. Sunglasses, socks, and Western clothes, became the main costumes. The costumes indicated the military elements of this dance, ...Read more

  • Krumpyung Music

    Krumpyung Music

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Over the time, traditional music is having less and less devotee. Krumpyung, a kind of music whose one of the main instruments is bamboo, is one of them. In the battle with modernism, Krumpyung music from Kulon Progo Regency struggles to keep its existence. If heard in a glance, the soft tone of Krumpyung music sounds as ...Read more

  • Jogja Java Carnival

    Jogja Java Carnival

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Anniversary of a city is usually celebrated in merrymaking. Numbers of activities are held, such as night vigil, art and cultural performance, exhibition of local products and also music concert. Yogyakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that always hold the merriest anniversary. This City of Students holds its ...Read more

  • Yogyakarta Classic Dances

    Yogyakarta Classic Dances

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview As a city famous for its culture, Yogyakarta has many classic dances which have existed since a long time ago. The classic dances of Yogyakarta that flourished in the keraton (royal palace) neighborhood are cultural works of high artistic values that defines the city along with many other aspects. In general, artistic ...Read more

  • Ramayana Ballet

    Ramayana Ballet

    Publish 27-01-2010 13:02:35 by Admin

    A. Introduction Sendratari Ramayana, also known as Ramayana Ballet, is an art exhibition that combines drama and dance to perform Ramayana story. Ramayana story is a legend beautifully carved on the wall of Siwa Temple, one of the temples in Prambanan complex. If you walk around the temple in a pradaksina (clockwise) direction, you ...Read more

  • Lembah Baliem Cultural Festival

    Lembah Baliem Cultural Festival

    Publish 05-03-2009 15:29:30 by Admin

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  • Serampang Dua Belas Dance

    Serampang Dua Belas Dance

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

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  • Selampit Delapan Dance

    Selampit Delapan Dance

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

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  • Topeng Dance

    Topeng Dance

    Publish 28-10-2008 13:41:22 by Admin

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  • Mabissu Dance

    Mabissu Dance

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Brief Information The word “mabissu” is derived from “bissu” with a prefix addition of “ma“ that means “to perform bissu dance.” “Bissu” in “Bissu Dance” can be meant as clean and pure from menstruation, and invulnerable to any dagger. Likewise, amongst the Bugis people, “bissu” is the name of people ...Read more

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