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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jogja Java Carnival

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A. Overview

Anniversary of a city is usually celebrated in merrymaking. Numbers of activities are held, such as night vigil, art and cultural performance, exhibition of local products and also music concert. Yogyakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that always hold the merriest anniversary. This City of Students holds its anniversary every October 7.

Among the celebration agenda is the Jogja Java Carnival which is the summit performance. Jogja Java Carnival is an art and cultural performance set in street carnival concept. Various cultural characters in Yogyakarta, either traditional or contemporary, blend into one but still reflect the traditional cultural root of Yogyakarta.

Not only to celebrate Yogyakarta anniversary, Jogja Java Carnival also aims to promote Yogyakarta tourism. It is a very creative and interesting event in a way that it puts traditional moral values in the performances, while at the same time it strengthens the image of Yogyakarta as a City of Culture.

It is not without reason that the carnival is made the summit performance. It is closely related to the history of Yogyakarta Sultanate. As written in Giyanti Treaty, on March 13, 1755, Sri Sultan declared the establishment of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. The palace was built in October 1755 at Hutan Beringin, Pachetokan Village. Then on October 7, 1756 Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I and his family moved from Ambar Ketawang Palace to Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace. The day of the movement was then commemorated as the birth of Yogyakarta. The movement procession from Ambar Ketawang to Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace inspires for Jogja Java Carnival.

B. Features

Most street carnivals in Indonesia are held at daylight. Some of the most popular ones are Solo Batik Carnival, Jember Fashion Carnival and Salatiga Carnival Center. What special about Jogja Java Carnival is that it is held at night. In other words, it is a night carnival of street performance choreography. Like other carnivals, it is held extravagantly and luxuriously. There will be carnival participants in various costumes and floats. The street is fully decorated with colorful ornamental lamps.

At around 08.00 p.m. West Indonesian Standard Time, Malioboro Street is crowded with people and it turns into a moving stage. Hundreds of carnival participants in colorful costumes get down to the street. They are usually divided in several groups with different themes. Jogja Java Carnival brings in different themes every year. Some of the participants are Bagong Kusudiarjo studio, Gamelan Gaul Gayam 16 group, Natya Laksitha dance studio, ISI students, UNY students and other art groups. Each group performs different attractions.

Although named Jogja Java Carnival, it does not only perform Yogyakarta art and culture. There are participants from other regions in Indonesia, even from abroad. They make the carnival merrier. While the procession starts from Abu Bakar Ali Parking Area, tens to thousands of other participants are performing dances at the North Square dais of honor. However, the performance at this stage is limited to those who have the invitation.

After all procession participants arrive at the North Square, hundreds of firecrackers break out. The firecrackers is the closing of the carnival. Colorful lights spangle in Yogyakarta night sky. Usually, the crowd waits until the sparkles are over, then gradually they will leave to spend the rest of the night hanging around the heart of Yogyakarta, such as at the intersection of the Grand Post Office, Vredeburg Fort, North Square and Gedung Agung, which is popular as the zero kilometer point.

C. Location

Jogja Java Carnival is held in Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The procession starts from Abu Bakar Ali Parking Area through Malioboro Street, Grand Post Office intersection, and finishes at the North Square.

D. Access

Jogja Java Carnival is held right at the heart of Yogyakarta city, thus, it is very easy for people to get to the location. Considering that the carnival is held at night, the possible public transportations are Transjogja bus, taxi, horse cart, pedicab and private vehicle, since city buses do not operate to night hour.

E. Ticket

Jogja Java Carnival is free of charge.

F. Accommodations and Facilities

Accomodations and facilities are not things to worry about. They are all available at the surrounding of the parade location. There are numbers of inns and five-star hotels, department stores, restaurants, house of prayers, hospitals, banks, ATMs, internet cafés, phone booths.

Although Transjogja bus only operates up to 10.00 pm, there are other alternative means of transportations such as pedicab and horse cart. If you are in a rush to get out of town after the carnival, Tugu Train Station is accessible on foot.

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