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Mabissu Dance

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A. Brief Information

The word “mabissu” is derived from “bissu” with a prefix addition of “ma“ that means “to perform bissu dance.” “Bissu” in “Bissu Dance” can be meant as clean and pure from menstruation, and invulnerable to any dagger. Likewise, amongst the Bugis people, “bissu” is the name of people performing Mabissu Dance.

Mabissu Dance, some call it Magirri Dance, is commonly performed by six male of bissus who are led by a bissu chair. Bissus performing the dance are dressed in female dresses.

Frequent beatings of tambourine are the dance`s overture. Soon after that, mystical mantras are recited in To Rilangi language (ancient language of the Bugis people) and just keep reciting them during the performance. The bissus begin to dance unconsciously; they start moving around Arajangnge, a sacred thing in which the spirits of deceased Bugis`s ancestors are taking a rest within. In addition, Arajangnge is also the space to put ritual offerings such as Bugis traditional cakes, fruits, and buffalo`s head.

Mabissu or Maggiri dance, as well as other Indonesia`s traditional dances, bears mystical values as well. When tambourine`s beatings gradually played faster, the bissus decelerate their movements to perform Maggiri.

Maggiri is a stage when bissus perform their invulnerabilities to any daggers. It seems out of normal sense but all are real. Bissus perform those all unconsciously since the spirits of deceased Bugis`s ancestors unite in their bodies. Daggers that are slipped on bissus` waists are stuck into other bissus` bodies, especially on their hands, bellies, and mouths.

Such an action is aimed at examining whether the bissus are suit to the spirits of deceased Bugis`s ancestors obsessing their bodies. Supposing the bissus and the spirits are suit each other, the Bugis believe it gives a blessing to all people.

B. Distinctive Features

The pinnacle of Mabissu Dance is nagiri`i. It is a stage when bissus point locally traditional weapons to their bodies. You will be amazed watching this invulnerability show. You will not see blood spouting from their bodies even though weapons point human bodies frequently.

To some extent, some people ask for blessing from the spirits of deceased Bugis ancestors obsessing the bissus` bodies. For you believing in such a mystical belief, you may expect favour from the bissus. For Muslims, however, expecting favour from another Allah is forbidden.

C. Location

Mabissu Dance is commonly held in Assaurajang Village, Segeri Sub-district, Pengkajene Islands District, South Sulawesi Province.

D. Access

You can take public transport from Makassar City leading to Sigeri Sub-district in approximately two to three hours. You have to succeed the trip to watch Mabissu dance by taking public vehicles for about 20 minutes.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and other Facilities

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