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The Tomb of Sunan Giri

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A. Overview

Commonly, Muslims often perform ritual pilgrimage when the holy month of Ramadan comes. The ritual pilgrimages could be to the tombs of family members, or even to the sacred tombs of Islamic scholars, one of which is visiting the tomb of Sunan Giri in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia.

Sunan Giri or also called Raden Paku or Joko Samudra, born with the name Muhammad Ainul Yakin in Blambangan (now Banyuwangi, the easternmost part of Java) in 1506 AD, is considered as one of the Wali Sanga of Indonesia, who spread Islamic religion in Java. The tomb of Sunan Giri is located in Giri village, Kebomas.

Sunan Giri was the son of Dewi Sekardadu and Maulana Ishak of Melaka (brother of Maulana Malik Ibrahim), but later adopted as a son by Nyai Gede Pinatih (a female merchant). A traditional story says that he was the son of a Hindu princess, who had come to Blambangan as a missionary. The princess was forced to abandon him in a crisis and set him adrift on the ocean in a small boat, from which he was rescued by sailors and brought to Gresik adopted by the female merchant. Since the baby was found on the sea, Nyai Gede Pinatih named him Joko Samudra. Another story says that he was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Sunan Giri was also well known as an Islamic preacher to spread the Islamic teachings to the people. He was also a politician whose role in establishing the Islamic kingdom of Demak. He also founded an Islamic boarding school "Giri" in the hills of Sidomukti, Kebomas. The term "Giri" means a hilly mountain, therefore he was known as Sunan Giri.

B. Features

The feature of tomb complex of Sunan Giri can be found on the original motif and building form. The tomb roof is made of genuine teak wood, the walls consist of panels of plants, and the cupola is equipped with Kalamakara (a fearful image of face found on the entrance of such temple) in plant-motif design. Many other relics of Islam on early days can be found on the site, such as the entrance arch made of stone designed in dragon-headed king style. Those things are not only add to the attraction to tourists, but also to historical researchers.

The quite complete and sufficient supporting facilities also make visitors more comfortable especially when the holy month of Ramadan comes, the number of visits can reach double than on a normal day. Most of them came to the tomb of Sunan Giri to pray and give thanks to their predecessors.

The visitors commonly came from various cities in East Java, such as Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Malang, Kediri, Blitar, Jember, Madura, Situbondo, Ngawi, Nganjuk, Jombang, and Banyuwangi. While from the outside East Java, they came from Semarang, Boyolali, Wonosobo, Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, Sumedang, and Banten. There are also found visitors who came from outside of Java, such as from Banjarmasin, Samarinda, and Pontianak. Besides local visitors, many foreign tourists also came to the tomb, such as from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Pakistan, Holland, and America.

C. Location

The tomb complex is Sunan Giri is located in Giri village, Kebomas, Gresik, East Java, Indonesia, or located 2 km south of Gresik.

D. Access

To reach the location is easy because the tomb is located near from the city of Gresik. Many board directions have been provided toward the complex. Visitors also can find public transports to the location easily.

E. Ticket prices

Visitors who want to enter the location of the tomb of Sunan Giri are free of charge. However, they will be charged for parking fee when they bring their own vehicles.

F. Accommodation and other facilities

The local government has provided some supporting facilities, including the parking space. Additionally, lodging and food stalls can also easily be found on the area around the tomb. (Indra Jati Prasetiyo)



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