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Baiturrahim Great Mosque

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A. Overview

Gorontalo, a province of Indonesia, stores a million of tourism potential ranging from natural, historical, until to religious tourism objects. One of the famous religious tourisms found in the region is the Baiturrahim Great Mosque, located precisely in Gorontalo city. The mosque is consecrated as the biggest and oldest mosque of the city and it has a close relation to the history of the province itself.

The great mosque was established to coincide with the provincial independence and the relocation of the capital of Gorontalo from Dungingi to Gorontalo city as well. It was begun constructed when the province, formed as a kingdom and ruled by His Majesty Botutihe (Head of Government of Batato Lo Hulondalo or the Kingdom of Gorontalo) on Thursday, Sha'ban 6 1140 Hijri AH or March 18, 1728 AD.

Furthermore, the establishment of Baiturrahim Great Mosque also has a close relation to the custom administration in Gorontalo, in which according to historical records, the mosque was established in the center of the kingdom area called Batato. This area included Yiladiya (the king’s house), Bantayo Poboide (meeting hall), Loji (official royal security residence or known as Apitaluwu), and Bele Biya or Bele Tolotuhu (official royal residence).

Baiturrahim Great Mosque was previously built using the materials made of wood. The first renovation occurred in 1175 AH or in 1761 AD by King Unonongo by replacing the poles that were originally made of wood to the poles made of cement. In addition, the wall that was originally made of wood was also replaced by the wall made of stone measuring 0.8 meters thick.

According to historical records, the mosque had experienced some damages as a result from the earthquake occurred on the region in 1938. The mosque was considered unfit to be used as a place of worship so that the pilgrims were forced to worship in an emergency building located near from the location. This situation had lasted for 8 years (1938-1946) until the mosque was rebuilt in 1947 by Abdullah Usman, the Head of the Department of Public Works and Highways (previously called Burgerlijk Operture Walken).

In addition to the renovations mentioned above, the mosque had also experienced some changes, both physical and management. The changes included an expansion of adding two porches on the north side and west side of the mosque by Niode in 1964, daily managers formation by H Yusuf Polapa, KO Naki, B.A. and A. Naue, as well as choosing worship leaders by Kadi Rauf Abas in 1968, and one space addition for female in the south side of the mosque by H Hasan Abas Nusi, the Mayor of Gorontalo city.

Several other changes included the fence and yard arrangement by Najamuddin Ahmad in 1988, the drilled wells arrangement serve as a place of ablution, as well as establishing minarets by H Ahmad Arbie in 1996, and the last was the restoration that cost at approximately 3 Billion Rupiah by H Medi Botutihe in 1999. After experienced some restorations, the mosque was then inaugurated by President BJ Habibie at the Presidential Palace, on Rajab 3, 1420 AH or Wednesday, October 13, 1999 AD.

B. Features

Baiturrahim Mosque today was ordained as the largest mosque in the city of Gorontalo. In addition to the largest mosque, it is also the oldest mosque of the city. The mosque was established in conjunction with the construction of Gorontalo city that was beingt moved from Dungingi city by His Majesty the King Botutihe (Head of Government or the Kingdom Batato Lo Hulondalo Gorontalo) on Thursday, 6 Sha'ban 1140 Hijri or March 18, 1728 AD.

The mosque status as the oldest mosque in Gorontalo has also made it as an object for research for those who learn about the history of Gorontalo. An architectural blend between Middle Eastern with the indigenous cultures is unique to be known. Moreover, the status as the oldest mosque hardly can be seen because the mosque was designed in the type of a modern building that looks magnificent and graceful as well as quite striking, considering the location in the heart of the capital of Gorontalo Province.

C. Location

Baiturrahim Great Mosque is located in the center city of Gorontalo, Gorontalo Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Access to the Baiturrahim Great Mosque is easy because it is located right in the heart of the city of Gorontalo. It can be reached easily from various places, such as airports, ports, to reach the bus terminal, using either a private car or public transports, such as motor rickshaw.

E. Ticket prices

Visitors who want to stop by and pray at the Baiturrahim Great Mosque are free of charge.

F. Facilities and Other Accommodations

The mosque has been equipped with a large and comfortable parking area. The supporting facilities and accommodation, such as hotels and restaurants, are also easy to find considering the mosque location is located in the heart of the city. (Tunggul Tauladan)


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