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Marine Enchantment in Banda Sea

Publish 29-08-2008 11:29:29 by Admin
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A. Brief Information

Banda Sea is a waters area directly bordering to Buru Island, Ambon Island, Ceram, Alu Island, Tanimbar Island, Barat Data Island, and Timor Island. Such geographic landscape then causes the sea possesses various fishes and magnificent marine scenery. Many people visit the location for diving, angling, and observing directly the groups of dolphins and whales swimming happily on Banda Sea. March, April, May, September, October, and November are the most favourite months for people who want to feel the sensation of fishing tuna and skipjack fishes while enjoying the sensation of being splashed by the soft breeze wind around the waters.

B. Distinctive Features

More than 350 marine species are available within the waters area. Thousand species of fish are available as well that is one of the attractions of the location. That is why, most people coming to the location bring mission, mostly, to fish. There are still numerous mysteries that are kept uncovered so far. Therefore, this location is the right place for you who are undertaking research about marine life in Indonesian Archipelago.  

C. Location

Banda Sea directly borders to some islands which are, Buru Island, Ambon Island, Ceram, Alu Island, Tanimbar Island, Barat Data Island, and Timor Island. Administratively, Banda Sea is included into the territorial area of Central Maluku District, Central Maluku Province.

D. Access

You can reach Banda Sea by taking ferry boat for about IDR 80.000 in cost.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and other Facilities

You can request guide services if you want to know the whole information about the location. You can ask them about the fishing tradition amongst the local fishermen. Some souvenir shops are also available there. For accommodation, you can easily find some hotels around the location.


Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/04/08-08)


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