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Moyo Isle

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A. Brief Information

About one and a half kilometers to the north of Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara, there is an isle namely Moyo. As a tourism destination, Moyo Isle is indeed not as famous as Bali or Lombok. However, do not underestimate this isle because out of its smallness, Moyo Isle offers world-class services just like in other famous tourist destinations. That is why; some well-known world celebrities such as the late Lady Diana and Mick Jagger had once visited this place.

As cited from, Moyo Isle has only 330 square kilometers in width and 0 - 648 meters from the sea surface in height. By the height variation, the isle is rich of natural capital, such as rain forest, mangrove, and savannah.  Hundreds of butterflies flying around and varieties of trees and birds are the exotic values of this isle.  Its coastal line is about 88 kilometers, and therefore you can enjoy the beautiful synthesis of fishes and coral reefs.

B. Distinctive Features

You can have kinds of activities on Moyo Isle, such as hiking along the green and fresh forest, diving on the surrounding sea, and sunbathing on the beach.  Forest on this isle is still pristine, with many rivers you should try to track and numerous big trees aged around hundred years. You can also enjoy the fresh water at the forest while your eyes are spoiled by the magnificent view of Barang Rea Waterfall, which is located on the center of the isle. To reach the waterfall, you should go on foot for approximately two hours through a challenging but interesting track at Labuan Haji village. There is also another waterfall called Mata Jitu, a multi-layer waterfall pounding thousands of grainy waters from the high crag.

One of the waterfalls on Moyo Isle
Photo: Alvaro Alveriani

Moyo Isle also offers you a more challenging adventure with cave tracking. The isle has several caves you can reach by foot. One of the most favorite ones is Ai Manis Cave, which is also “home” for hundreds of bats.

In addition to its challenging adventure, Moyo Isle is also a heaven for bird lovers. noted that the isle is home for 86 of all 124 bird species existing in Sumbawa, Indonesia. Some of those varieties - such as yellow-headed kakatua, gosong bird, and megapodius - are now categorized into endangered species.

Your adventure in Moyo Isle is incomplete before exploring the rich marine life under the sea. There you can see the many varieties of coral reefs and numerous fish species. Foreign anglers once damaged the reefs for the use of explosives to catch fish. However, the awareness of the people living in the isle has been successfully recovering the reefs. Just have a sensation of diving on the sea, thus you can enjoy the beauty of undersea view where coral reefs, sharks, anemone, pelagic, eels, groupers, and manta are living within.

The adrenalin rush in your body after the whole day adventure of forest tracking and sea diving is best calmed down by relaxing on the white sand beach, enjoying the charming view of sunset. You can prove it by yourself that you will forget the fatigue you feel after your amazing adventure.

C. Location

Moyo Isle is located on the north of Sumbawa Island. Administratively, the isle is a part of Sumbawa Kingdom, the province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

D. Access

You can reach Moyo Isle via Sumbawa Besar city. Then, you can rent a car to go 20 kilometers northern direction to reach a coastal area called Ai Bari Village. Since then, continue the trip by taking speedboat to reach Moyo Isle. It needs approximately 15 minutes to reach Moyo Isle from Ai Bari.

E. Ticket Price

Moyo Isle, as a tourist destination, is under the management of a private institution. That is why; you should spend more money to enjoy this exotic place. As cited by, the management of the isle has a basic qualification for those who want to take vacation in the isle. Tourists are charged with USD 5000 for it. Not too expensive to enjoy the whole vacation package as the cost is used to ensure that the tourists would get satisfying services.

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Of course, one day is never enough for a satisfying vacation, so is to enjoy the whole pleasure that Moyo Isle offers you. To facilitate your comfort, Moyo Isle is completed with a unique resort you can choose. The resort provides you tent rental if you want to have an outdoor camping sensation. Nevertheless, there are facilities and services that have been provided by the resort‘s management. Likewise, you can find doctor and enjoy the internet on this isle.

Des Christy (wm/29/05-09)

Translated by Elisabeth Murni (trans/04/08-09)  



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