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Monday, February 26, 2018

Grebeg Selarong Ritual

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A. Overview

Every year, since 2005, the young people of Karang Taruna (neighborhood youth association) Dipo Ratna Muda of Guwosari Village, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency hold the so-called Grebeg Selarong ritual. Among the aims of this ritual are to introduce Selarong cave tourism object to the public and, at the same time, commemorate the struggle of Pangeran Diponegoro (a national hero) to the young generations. Through this ritual also, people reenact the Diponegoro’s evacuation from Yogyakarta to Selarong Cave in July 1825. Back then, the cave was a wild jungle. It was the hideaway where Diponegoro and his troops drew some war tactics and strategies.

In this ritual there will be seminar, reog festival participated by several sub-districts in Guwosari Village, bazaar of local crafts, local culture festival, band and drum band festival, and last but not least the mass banquet at the end of the agenda. When holding Grebeg Selarong ritual, local people are at the same time holding the Merti Desa ritual. Merti Desa shows the locals’ gratitude to God for the life and blessing. In Merti Desa people pray for welfare for all the village people.

B. Features

Through Grebeg Selarong you can see the richness of Indonesian culture and nature. You will be served with traditional performances especially those from Guwosari Village. If you are fond of photography, this ritual has resourceful objects for photo hunting.

Grebeg Selarong was held for the sixth time in 2010. This is surely a very early phase for a cultural event. Yet, this does not mean that it does not present attractions for spectators. In this ritual, there will be some local people selling hand-made crafts. Local people around Selarong Cave gain benefit from this bazaar.

Several art performances jazz up the ritual. Toward the communal prayer, some gunungans (cone-shape rice) and the side dishes are marched from Al-Alimin Mosque at Kentolan Sub-district which is 1 km south of Selarong Cave. It is believed that once Ki Demang Kentol, a punggawa (royal official) who was one of Diponegoro troops, lived here. The gunungans are provided by each Sub-district, added with one from the village. After the tahlil (gathering at which that confession is chanted) and communal prayer led by a local Islamic figure, the mass banquet begins.

Over the year, the ritual series of Grebeg Selarong change according to the social change and condition. Aside from series of activities mentioned above, usually in the ritual there is a workshop on Diponegoro heroism. Grebeg Selarong is truly a folk festivity. The ritual also shows the effort of preserving the local wisdom and tradition.

C. Location

Grebeg Selarong ritual is held at Selarong Cave tourism site at Kembang Putihan Sub-district, Guwosari Village, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta.

D. Access

If you want to see Grebeg Selarong ritual you must visit Selarong Cave. To get to this cave you can take a motorcycle or a car. There is no public transportation heading for the ritual location. But you should not worry since the asphalt road makes it very accessible. From Yogyakarta you head southwards through Bantul Street. At Kasongan Art Market you should turn westwards to Guwosari crossroads. From here take the north route which leads to the location of Grebeg Selarong.

E. Ticket

The entrance ticket to Selarong Cave area is Rp 2,000 per person.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

The ritual is held on the parking lot of Selarong Cave, thus the facilities around the cave can be used by visitors such as the public convenience and small mosque. Food and beverage hawkers during the ritual will be more than the usual days. Among the facilities are the small houses as big as a pendopo where visitors can relax. Visitors can also enjoy the fresh water of the waterfall situated near Selarong Cave.

Mujibur Rohman

Translation: Apri Widiastuti


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