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Monday, February 26, 2018

Syafar Bath Ritual

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A. Overview

In addition to have a glorious day and holy month, some people also have unlucky day and also bad month. Especially for Muslims in some regions in Indonesia, they believe the month of Syafar is the month of misfortunes for human being. Therefore, in order to avoid from those things they held certain rituals, famously known as tolak bala. The core of this ritual is Syafar Bath, which is taking bath in the sea or river together.

As no exception for people who live around the North Rupat Beach, Bengkalis regency, Riau Province, according to Malay tradition that the last Wednesday of Syafar is believed to be a fateful day or known as Rabu Cepuk. To be said that the ritual is centuries old years that always hereditarily carried out by the people who live in Rupat Island and surrounding areas.   

B. Features

Magic, solemn and festive are the impressions of Syafar Bath Ritual held by Rupat Island society in Malacca Straits. This annual cultural tourism ritual is a blend between Islamic teachings and traditional values of local customs. Islamic values are reflected through praying, reading holy Qur’an, and so on. On the other hand, carrying out a ritual that has been performed by the ancestors is such a manifestation of traditional values. A togetherness and friendship between each resident are other values contained on this ritual.

Syafar Bath Ritual is livelier with dance performances accompanied by typical Malay music. While the ritual is held, the visitors will be entertained by the attractions of Zapin dance, Makyong dance, spinning toy game, chopstick game, and many others. Zapin dance is another attraction of Syafar Bath Ritual using a magic to dance over embers, which performed by Akit Tribe.

There are also some games used to enliven the ritual, including various competitions, such as Sepak takraw, climbing nut, Jong boat, kites, swimming across Malacca Strait, and so forth.                      

C. Location

Syafar Bath Ritual is usually held in Rupat Beach, Northern Rupat Sub-district, Bengkalis district, Riau Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

For tourists who want to witness Syafar Bath Ritual can use a ship from the Port of Dumai City to the Port of Tanjung Medang, Bengkalis, which spends travel time about 2.5 hours, then continued by motorcycle taxi heading to Rupat Beach, which spends about 15 minutes.

E. Ticket prices

Syafar Bath Ritual charges no fee to any visitor who comes to watch.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

There are some stalls provide various needs, such as foods, drinks, and many others. Various other facilities, such as lodging, home stay, parking areas, gazebo, praying place, toilets, and boat rentals are also available around this exotic beach.

As for the visitors who wish to obtain complete accommodation and facilities, they can get it in Bengkalis City. There can be found mosques, banks, hospitals, health centers, markets, shops, stalls, souvenir shops, as well as guesthouse and hotel with a variety of types. (Yusriandi Pagarah)


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