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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mayura Water Park

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A. Brief Information

Visiting West Nusa Tenggara province will not be complete  before visiting Mayura   Water Park.  It is a unique and special water park; the combination of park and the concepts  of pond and shrine which are fully decorated by the motives of Balinese,  Javanese and Lombok, will amaze you visiting  the location. It was built in the era of Bali  Kingdom when they held the power in Lombok Island  by A.A. Made Ngurah Karangasem king in 1744 A.D. It was called KelepugPalace, derived from Kelepug (The  sound of swift water stream from the spring in the centre of the pond).

In the era of Mataram   Kingdom, it had been  renovated under the decree of A.A. Ngurah Karangasem King in 1866 A.D. Not only  physical building that was changed, but also its name that was turned into Mayura.  Mayura, derived from Sanskritmeans peacock. Once upon a time, in  the era of A.A. Ngurah Karangasem King, there were snakes in the palace  disturbing the activities in the palace. Therefore, a counselor suggested that  the palace had to breed peacocks in order to chase away the snakes. Its  strategic location and the historical values cause the location is visited by  tourists either local or foreign tourists.

B. Distinctive Features

The Mayura   Water Park  offers you the combination of natural, religious, and historical nuances.  Tranquil felling is the first impression when you enter the location. There is  a pond which is neatly organized to improve the natural nuance of the location.  In the center of the pond, there is a small building called “Bale kambang” or Gili (in local language means small islands). You will see many mangosteen  trees planted in a line. You may pick the fruits if the guides permit you.

Some buildings in Balinese motive combined with the  influence of Javanese and Lombok   Island shape up a religious  nuance in the location. Based on the guides` explanation, the main spot of the  location is a shrine located in the upstream of the pond. However, visitors  often miss the shrine since the location, the size of the pond that are too  wide, and the leafy mangosteen trees. Its name is Kelepug, which is  meant to remind the earliest name of the location. At some rituals, the temple  is functioned as worship place.

There will be some guides explaining the history of Mayura Water   Park. One of the interesting  stories about its history is a statue having a western Asian face. It was a  gratitude to a western Asian person for his idea to breed some peacock to chase  the snakes in the palace. In addition, Bale Kambang was built because of  the inhabitants` pressure for justice. The trial process was held in the Bale  Kambang in the era of Rad Kerta. There will be more information about its  history and amazing concepts of the building.

C. Location

Mayura Water Park is located in a business center, Cakranegara sub-district, Mataram city, West  Nusa Tenggara province.

D. Access

It will be 15 minutes from Narmada  bus station. It can be accessed by public transportation about Rp. 5.000 in  cost or you may get taxi which cost is about Rp. 15.000. You can also start the  trip from Mataram for about 10 minutes with Rp. 2.500 in cost by public transportation  or Rp. 10.000 by taxi.

E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

The entrance ticket includes the guides` services. They will  tell you about the concept and the history of the location. They will invite  you look around the location in approximately 15 minutes, after that, they will  allow you to take an observation alone.

There are hotels and restaurants nearby this historical  tourism destination. Considering that the location is a business centre, you  will find food tents and stalls offering the ethnic cuisines of Lombok Island  like Pelecing.



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