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Rurukan Agrotourism

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A. Overview

Tomohon, a district of North Sulawesi, stores various beautiful natural sceneries. The nature and special interest tourisms are indeed open to be developed by any party. One of the areas that are developed as the special interest tourisms based on the beauty of natural scenery is the Rurukan agrotourism located at the foot of Mount Mahawu.

The Rurukan area consists of hilly land contours featured with cool temperatures. This condition makes it suitable for plantation, including vegetables and fruits. The good rainfall, appropriate air humidity, as well as fertile soil condition add another value for the cultivation of agricultural crops development. Therefore, most residents work as vegetables and fruits farmers.

Nowadays, the hilly areas are transformed into ​​agriculture and plantation areas which interesting to watch. The agricultural lands tiered like a ladder form such a beautiful landscape, as we are able to find in other parts of Indonesia, for example in ​​Dieng, Wonosobo or Subang of West Java. If these two regions are dominated by plantation of tobacco and tea, then the Rurukan region is more dominated by vegetables and fruits.

A variety of vegetables and fruits are developed by the local farmers in Tomohon for their livelihoods. Some of these fruits and vegetables include cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Japanese cucumber, green onion, cabbage, carrots, and strawberries. The expanse color of fruit and vegetable plantation presented in various corners of the region as well as the landscape of tiered hill since been converted into agricultural land is very interesting to see. The cool and clean air as well as the attractive natural landscape make the Rurukan area becomes a very potential as a tourist attraction for those who want to experience the feel of the mountains as well as the natural tranquility.

B. Features

The features of Rurukan agrotourism can be found on the hill farming that presents the beautiful landscape, the cool air, the variety of agricultural commodities, as well as the processing of agricultural crops views that are still done traditionally. The panorama presented in such a painting of nature is derived from the method of terraced farming made by the farmers. They grind the hilly areas to make it as agricultural lands. Accidentally, this method is able to present beautiful sceneries, especially when the crops begin to grow green.

A variety of agricultural commodities will pamper your eyes providing various colors of plants. You can see the expanse of green vegetables in one plot, but the expense of red strawberries could steal your eyes too. In another plot, a stretch of white round cabbage plants quite a contrast to the shape of the sharp leek onion plants. In addition to pamper your eyes, visitors are pleased to buy vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers. Here, you can get fresh vegetables and fruits easily because those are picked directly from the spot, or even you can go directly into agricultural areas to pick up your desired vegetables and fruits.

The vegetables and fruits which grown and planted here are still processed in the traditional way. The noise of tractors plowing machine is guaranteed never be heard here. In addition, farmers are still using conventional methods of cultivation, one of which is not using pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The results of this traditional way are the crops are very good to eat.

When the fog vaguely closes the agricultural areas, the cool and calm atmosphere started to be felt. This atmosphere becomes more complete if you are lucky to be able to watch the birds in various colors chanting melodious voices. The clean and calm atmosphere makes the Rurukan agrotourism become worthy to be one of your destinations.

C. Location

Rurukan agrotourism is located at the foot of Mount Mahawu, precisely in the village of Rurukan, East Tomohon, Tomohon, North Sulawesi province, Indonesia.

D. Access

The Rurukan agrotourism site can be accessed easily. Visitors who want to visit the site can start from the city of Manado. From here, visitors can use public transports, such as bus, to the location to take about one and a half hour.

E. Ticket prices

Visitors are free of charge.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

The Rurukan agrotourism region does not only offer the natural charms and beauties of plantation, but also other potentials, such as the landscape of the Rurukan hill that is used as plantation areas. Moreover, this area is also known as the route to the Mount Mahawu where visitors who want another challenge can climb up to the Mount Mahawu. (Tunggul Tauladan)



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