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Kole Hot Spring

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A. Overview

Do you want to feel the sensation of hot shower as well as nourish your body at the same time? Well, for those who are traveling in West Sulawesi should not miss the chance to visit the tourism object, namely Kole Hot Spring (Indonesian: Pemandian Air Panas Kole). This tourism object is located in the “above” the city and becomes the most famous hot baths in Mamasa.

Kole Hot Spring is quite famous for having more than one pool contains of hot water that can be used by visitors to soak. The hot water contained in the swimming baths is believed to be very effective for treating various skin diseases due to heat water contains sulfur. Visitors should not soak too long, just half an hour or one hour because the sulfur level in these pools is high.

Another interesting thing about Kole Hot Spring is the place becomes more crowded at night than at noon. Dozens of people come to the baths in the evening and more come at weekends or holidays.

B. Features

Kole Hot Spring complex is divided into two parts, first is the small pool located outside the main complex and free to be used by anyone, while the second part is the main complex consisting of four pools and visitors have to pay admission to enjoy the sensation of hot water in the pools located in this main complex.

The four pools located inside the main complex are also divided into two areas, which are two pools located in the middle of the complex, while the other two pools are located at the top that can be reached through the steps. Two pools at the top have heat level that is stronger than the two other pools because it is closer to the source of water that flowed directly from the mountain.

The hot water provided in Kole is natural water that comes straight from the mountains. That is why the sulfur content is quite high so that the visitors are advised not to soak too long because it could negatively affect their body. However, the high sulfur content is powerful to cure various types of skin diseases, such as tinea versicolor, scabies, ringworm, and others, when used in moderation.

One of the main attractions in Kole Hot Spring is the beautiful panorama at night that can be enjoyed by visitors. Visiting the site located above the city makes the visitors can see the nuance of the city from the pool complex. Mamasa city at night seen from the site is quite wonderful and beautiful. Moreover, the site precisely in Rambusaratu village is also adjacent to several indigenous villages. The villages include Tondok Bakaru, Tusan, Rantebuda, Pakassasan, Lambanan, and others.

Among those villages mentioned above, visitors can see the daily life of indigenous peoples in Mamasa with all the customary rituals and characteristics. Therefore, it would be nice for visitors who want to enjoy the hot water in Kole to explore the villages around the site first to see some indigenous settlements at noon before entering the baths at evening.

C. Location

Kole Hot Spring is located in Rambusaratu, Mamasa, Mamasa, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

D. Access

The location of Kole Hot Spring is quite close to Mamasa, the capital city of Mamasa district, of approximately 2.5 kilometers, to take about a few minutes. Mamasa is about 340 kilometers away from Makassar and about 190 kilometers away from Pare-Pare in South Sulawesi.

E. Ticket Prices

Kole Hot Spring complex is divided into two parts, one located outside and the other part located inside. The pools located outside the complex can be used by anyone free of charge. Meanwhile, if visitors want to soak in the four pools located in the main complex, they will be charged only IDR 6,000 for one visitor. Uniquely, the money can be paid after visitors finishing their bathing or when going out of from the main complex.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Kole Hot Spring has been equipped various public facilities can be used by visitors, including parking lot, bathroom, public toilet, places of worship, and food stalls. Moreover, the location is also close to the downtown of Mamasa city, so it makes easy for those who want to get more facilities, such as lodges or hotels, restaurants, souvenirs centers, and others. (Iswara N Raditya)



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