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Sendang Gile Waterfall

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A. Brief  information

Sendang Gila (read  Gile) is located around the Rinjani mount. It was found intuitively when the  inhabitants were hunting for a mad lion running into the forest that destroyed the  inhabitants‘ village. It is 31 meters high above the earth surface falling down  from a high crag. With a flat bottom on the ground of the waterfall, many  visitors (most of them are domestic visitors) enjoy taking a bath under the  waterfall. There is another waterfall surround Sendang Gila Waterfall named Tiu  kelep. However, visitors tend to visit Sendang Gila because the access to Tiu  Kelep Waterfall is rather difficult and spend for approximately an hour.

B. Distinctive  Features

It is 600 meters  above the sea level, far from frenetic city, where you can find the tranquil  holiday to escape from your saturation. Fresh air, wonderful and natural  scenery will take you to the peace of your life after spending almost your time  for weary activities.

There is another  interesting one from this waterfall; most people believe that the water of  Sendang Gila waterfall has a magical substance. It is believed that everyone  taking a bath there will be a year younger than before. No one knows the truth  of this assumption; just prove it by visiting that place.

C. Location

It is in the west  of Central Lombok district in Senaru village, Bayan sub-district, West Nusa  Tenggara province, Indonesia.  It is 60 km away from Mataram city. The waterfall is part of Mount Rinjani  area.

D. Access

It needs about 2  to 3 hours by car from Mataram city or Selaparang Airport  to reach the destination. There is no public transportation around there; many  visitors tend to use the car rental services that can be easily found in the  downtown of Mataram or Cakranegara city. You must walk down along the 315  ladder-steps passing through a valley for approximately 15 minutes.

E. Ticket Price

It will not spend  much money, only Rp. 5.000,00 for everyone who are eager to visit and enjoy the  waterfall and its nature.

F. Accommodation  and other facilities

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