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The 2010 International Art Festival Awaits Teachers Creativity

Publish 23-07-2010 16:15:27 by Admin

Jogjatrip, Sleman—Center for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Instructor (P4TK) of Art and Culture is holding the 2010 International Art Festival (FSI) on August 2nd – 6th at P4TK of Art and Culture and State University of Yogyakarta (UNY). This time, the biennial event brings in the theme “Art Creativity for Teachers” and aims at providing opportunity for art teachers to exhibit their artworks to further improve the quality of art and cultural learning.

Head of P4TK Drs. Sardi stated that on its third holding, FSI invites more than 500 participants from DIY, outside—Temanggung, Sukoharjo and Surakarta—and abroad. It is planned that FSI will officially be opened by Vice Minister of National Education Fasli Jalal on Monday (8/2), 9 a.m at the square of P4TK of Art and Culture.

Participants from abroad are hoped to add the richness of Indonesian culture. The 2010 FSI will present numbers of art and cultural forms namely performing art, painting and inovative crafs. Fourteen participants from abroad will collaborate with Indonesian artists.

“Participants from France, Hungary, and Indonesia will make a collaboration of five people in the Inter Oriental Invasion Orchestra which will perform contemporary music composition combining the Middle Eastern and East European music,” Sardi made his statement in the meeting hall of P4TK, Kaliurang Street Km. 12,5, Sleman Yogyakarta, Thursday (7/22).

Vice President of Committee Eko Santoso stated that the 2010 FSI applies the moving stage concept. This is chosen based on the consideration that in the last year event, audiences tended to look for the most comfortable spot at their disposal. Once they got one, for example at the front row of the auditorium, they would not move. “It seems unfair for the others, thus we put the concept of moving stage,” Eko Santoso stated.

Some of the agenda in the 2010 FSI are the Performing Art of Indonesian Art Teachers. The teachers here mean those who teach at Elementary School (SD/MI), Junior High School (SMP/MTS), Senior High School (SMA/MA), Vocational High School (SMK/MAK), and Vocational High School of Art and Culture (SMK BB). Their artworks are displayed in musical, theatrical, puppetry and karawitan performances.

Five out of 37 works were chosen and the creators are nominated as the Art Teachers with National Achievement. The five best works are “Kaum Klepto” by a teacher of SDN Candi Tunggal, Kalitengah, Lamongan, East Jave; “Legend of Dewi Sri” by a teacher of SMP 1 Kembang Bahu, Lamongan, East Java; “Perang Teluk” by a teacher of SMA Bopkri 1 Yogyakarta, “Pak Tani Mencari Timun” by a teacher of SMK Negeri 2 Yogyakarta, and “Nguceng” by a teacher of SMK Negeri 3 Banyumas. ** (Andreas Eko Wahyu S)

Translation: Apri Widiastuti (trns/11/07-10)


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